The advantage to doing business with Acton Chrysler is not just any one thing. Rather, it's our overall approach.  We've done our very best to ensure that every aspect of our business, from our pricing to our process to our people, makes Acton Chrysler a superior place to purchase and service a vehicle.  

A vehicle purchase marks the beginning of a relationship; not the end of it.
Our Service team is truly motivated to resolve vehicle issues, not just "sell work."

Our mission is to ensure you're satisfied for your entire ownership experience and to assist you in making good decisions about taking care of your vehicle throughout its life.  To make good on this commitment, we proudly offer the following features and benefits within our service department:

  • We adhere 100% to manufacturer recommended service schedules.
  • We will never promote phony "dealer inflated" maintenance schedules
  • We always have low cost service rentals on our premises
  • Full Saturday service and parts staffing
  • Courtesy local shuttle service
  • Complimentary wash and vacuum upon request
  • We always have a member of our senior management team on campus to assist you

The first price presented will always be highly competitive, straight-forward, and guaranteed.

When you see an advertised price or request a price quote from us, you are guaranteed to promptly receive our most aggressive figure and it will not "go up" once you visit our store in person.  Our pricing is up-front and transparent.

Nobody wants to be "sold."  They simply want assistance with the purchase process.
We're very proud of the low pressure, high integrity people we have in every department.

When contacting us, you can be confident it will be a no hassle, low-pressure experience.  Our highly trained and professional staff is here to provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision that you're fully comfortable with- be it a vehicle purchase or service work.

A company is only as good as the people it hires. We have a very simple way of ensuring integrity among our workforce.

Our company's guiding principle for our employees is to "always do what you say you will do." 

When you call or visit our dealership you will be greeted by a warm and friendly Acton representative who is focused on delivering you an exceptional experience.  A large number of our employees, in all departments, have been with us for well over 20 years.

More than just the city where a business happens to be, "local" is a state of mind for a company and its ownership.

Beyond living locally for over 40 years and being very involved in the local community, Acton's owner comes to work every day to ensure his store always offers unparalleled customer satisfaction.   

Like any other employee at the dealership, he takes and returns all his own calls and emails and he cares deeply about doing things the right way.  Everyone in this company knows that our collective reputations are determined by our actions in the local market and how those actions  translate to a better experience for our customers.