Acton CDJR offers a uniquely customized "Regulator" Edition Wrangler. This is our own creation! Wranglers are not available from Jeep in this special matte finish. 

Rather than paint it, our vehicle is treated with a custom black matte vinyl wrap to the exterior, generating a one of a kind, near-military appearance. The application of the durable vinyl surface is a careful and lengthy process that takes time, but because we are not painting the Jeep, it's fully reversible in the future. 

The Regulator package also includes up-fitting the vehicle with unique wheels and tires, a 2" suspension lift kit, off-road driving lights, tail-light armor, an off-road rear bumper and rear step plates. This can be done to any Wrangler vehicle. 

The pricing for Acton's Regulator Package is $6,950. Please call 877-227-6644 for more information.


Stock Sahara

De badged, lifted (2" F, 1"R), modified wheels and tires

Vehicle wrapped in black matte vinyl, hard top off

Vehicle wrapped in black matte vinyl, hard top on