Our Staff

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  • Coleman Hoyt
    978 893 1137

    Coleman Hoyt

    Dealer / President ~ 26 years with Acton. 10 years in management positions with Ford Motor Company. 4 years in other New England dealerships. 2 years as a diesel technician on the Alaska pipeline project. He is here every day and no one screens his calls....

    Coleman Hoyt 

  • Bill Cunningham
    Vice President
    978 423 7487

    Vice President, Acton Chrysler & Vice President & General Manager of Acton Fleet Sales. 27 years with Acton. 30+ years industry experience

  • Brian Wall
    978 893 1112

    Brian Wall

    Controller ~ 28 years with Acton

  • Chris Couture
    General Service Manager
    (978) 893-1133

    Christopher J. Couture

    General Service Manager ~ Certified Service Manager / ASE Certified Service Consultant / 25 years with Acton , 28 years of industry experience

    Chris Couture 

  • Brian Loiseau
    General Sales Manager
    (978) 893-1158

    General Sales Manager ~ Certified Sales Manager, 13 years with Acton Chrysler. 22 years industry experience. The complete package...Brian can do absolutely any job in a dealership sales department, with grace and style even when under pressure.  

    Brian Loiseau 

  • Sean Flory
    Parts Manager
    (978) 893-1131

    Parts Manager / Certified Parts Manager / 14 years with Acton Chrysler 24 years of industry experience.

  • Dennis Arsenault
    Sales & Leasing Manager
    (978) 893-1138

    Certified Sales Manager 23 years at Acton Chrysler and 30+ years in the business.  Dennis is passionate and focused about always doing things the right way. 

    Dennis Arsenault 

  • Bob Moody
    Fleet Sales Manager
    978 893 1122

    For 20+ years, Bob has specialized in our national commercial livery sales business. He has traveled all over the US to meet the needs of his very loyal and diverse customer base, literally from coast to coast.  See more about our commerical business at www.actonsocalpenske.com 

  • Marian Dirienzo
    Business Manager
    978 893 1114

    Marian is a highly seasoned finance specialist with an extensive 20+ year background in Boston area dealerships. She backs up our both our retail and fleet department sales forces with customer & end user financing & leasing fulfillment, billing support and delivery coordination. She is also extremely knowledgeable about extended service plans.    


  • Wade Tyler
    Assistant Sales Manager
    978 893 1121

    Long time local resident and Acton sales team veteran, Wade is consistently reviewed by his customers as organized, warm, efficient and professional to do business with.
    Wade Tyler

  • Gus Hildebrand
    Certified Sales Consultant
    978 893 1142

  • Samson Moses
    Certified Sales Consultant
    978 893 1157

  • Kirk Schroll
    Certified Sales Consultant
    978 893 1171

  • Melanie Richter
    Assistant Controller
    978 893 1117

  • Brian Fisher
    Service Advisor
    978 893 1128

    Brian has been with us 22 years, and has long relationships with hundreds of our customers. He is a treasure. He is trustworthy, diligent and clever, and never loses his cool under fire. 

    Brian Fisher

  • Joe Hebert
    Assistant Service Manager, Technical For
    978 893 1128

    Assistant Service Manager / ASE Certified 23 years with Acton, 27 years of industry experience. Certified Ford Senior Master Technician, Certified Chrysler Master Technician. Joe is also a professional grade Antique & Performance Car Restoration Specialist...the kind of guy they make reality shows about.  

  • Mike Rand
    Service Advisor
    978 893 1134

    Always with a smile and eager to help anyone who gets near him, Mike Rand is truly a rare find in the car business. With decades of car business experience under his belt, he has come across every trick in the book and always has a way out for his customers at the lowest cost. 

    Mike Rand

  • Mike Meneses
    Certified Service Advisor
    978 893 1140

  • Joanne Tucker
    Service Administrator

  • Jack Chambers
    Parts Consultant

  • Matt Carey
    Fleet Sales Consultant
    978 893 1170

    Matt is a member of our elite national commercial fleet sales team. His specialty is in limousine and livery sales, inventory management and fulfillment processing. See more at www.actonsocalpenske.com

  • Steve Brittain
    Parts Consultant

  • Stephanie Shuttle
    Billing specialist & DRIVE coordinator
    978 893 1162

  • Kris Smith
    Accts Payable Receivable
    978 893 1116

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