Thanks for visiting our site.  I hope you can find what you need. 

I'm very proud of our company.  This is an unusual dealership for a number of important reasons.  

1) We're staffed with a very high percentage of long-term people (more than 20 years).  This isn't typical in the high turnover, high-pressure world of automotive retail.  We employ long-term people who are motivated to stay here because it's a great place to work. Everyone here knows that the only reason we have jobs at all is because we have customers.and they know that it is vitally important to always do what they say they re going to do!. 

2) Our employees are respected and treated as professionals.  In turn, they are required to do the same for our clients.  The car business is loaded with poorly managed short-term thinkers, desperate people who live for the one deal they are looking at that minute, and nothing else.  Not here.

3) We're here for just one thing: To provide long term transportation solutions for the thousands of households and businesses who trust us with their car decisions, in both service and sales. If your family or business has a car problem, we're here to help you with it.

4) We also have a collection of core benefits and operating principles that comprise what is locally known as the Acton Advantage.  Simply stated, if you're looking for a car place you can trust, a place that tries very hard every day to do things the right way, and a place where the employees apologize immediately when they make a mistake and follow through on corrective actions to make it have found it. 

We had the Lincoln and Mercury franchises here since the early 1980's, but the brands had slowed in New England.  We wanted a broader array of cars and trucks to cover what our customers needed.  These four Chrysler brands have proven to be the perfect choice. The product line up from the revitalized FCA Chrysler organization is robust, relevant and made with extraordinary attention to quality.  

I could not be happier with this change. Every single Acton Lincoln employee stayed through our transition to Acton Chrysler. We saved American jobs.  

I live locally.  I'm here every day.  I do not own any other car dealerships, just this one.  If you ever would like to chat with me I encourage you to email me.

I hope you will take the time to give us a try.  I know you'll be happy if you do.

Coleman Hoyt